Our UFO Library

The British Ufology UFO Reference Library

British Ufology maintains a small (but ever-increasing in size) UFO reference library, to aid our research efforts.

Our current (physical media) titles are shown below:

UFO-related books

Bowen, Charles (ed.) The Humanoids, 1969/1977

Brookesmith, Peter. UFO: The Complete Sightings Catalogue, 1995

Bruni, Georgina. You Can't Tell The People, 2000/2001

Carey, Thomas J. & Schmitt, Donald R. Witness to Roswell (Revised & Expanded Edition), 2007/2009

Chism, Gordon & Dolan, Richard M. The Thinking Person's UFO Book, 2009

Clark, Jerome. The UFO Encyclopedia: The Phenomenon from the Beginning (3rd edition; vols. 1-2 complete), 2018

Clarke, David. The UFO Files (2nd edition), 2012

Clarke, David. UFO Drawings from The National Archives, 2017

Devereux, Paul. Earth Lights Revelation, 1989

Dodd, Tony. Alien Investigator, 1999

Dolan, Richard. The Alien Agendas, 2020

Dolan, Richard. The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization, 2016

Good, Timothy. Above Top Secret, 1987

Good, Timothy. Alien Liaison, 1991/1992

Hall, Richard H. The UFO Evidence, 1964/1997

Hendry, Allan. The UFO Handbook, 1979/1980

Hynek, J. Allen. The Hynek UFO Report, 1977/1998

Hynek, J. Allen. The UFO Experience, 1972/1975

Hynek, J. Allen et al. Night Siege (The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings), 1998

Kean, Leslie. UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials go on the Record, 2010

Mantle, Philip. Once Upon A Missing Time, 2013

Matthews, Rupert. Roswell: Uncovering the Secrets of Area 51 and the Fatal UFO Crash, 2009

Mike, John. The Anatomy of a Flying Saucer, 2011

MUFON. Field Investigator's Manual (Fifth Edition), 2011

O'Connell, Mark. The Close Encounters Man, 2017

Pope, Nick. Open Skies, Closed Minds, 1996/1997

Pope, Nick. Operation Thunder Child, 1999

Pope, Nick et al. Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, 2014

Randle, Kevin D. The Best of Project Blue Book, 2020

Randles, Jenny & Hough, Peter. 50 Years of UFO Encounters, 1995

Randles, Jenny & Warrington, Peter. UFOs: A British Viewpoint, 1979

Scully, Frank. Behind the Flying Saucers (Updated Edition), 2008

Spencer, John (ed.) The UFO Encyclopedia, 1991/1997

Stacy, Dennis & Huyghe, Patrick. The Field Guide to UFOs, 2000

Story, Ronald D. (ed.) The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters, 2001/2002

Story, Ronald D. UFOs and The Limits of Science, 1981

Thomas, Andy. Fields of Mystery (The Crop Circle Phenomenon in Sussex), 1996

Thomas, Andy. Vital Signs, 1998/2002

Warren, Larry & Robbins, Peter. Left at East Gate, 1997/2005

Watson, Nigel. UFO Investigations Manual, 2013

Relevant science/other books

Al-Khalili, Jim (ed.) Aliens (Science Asks: Is There Anyone Out There?), 2016

Couper, Heather & Henbest, Nigel. The History of Astronomy, 2007

Dunlop, Storm. Oxford Dictionary of Weather, 2001/2008

Green, Brian. The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos, 2011/2012

Hawking, Stephen. Brief Answers to the Big Questions, 2018

Hawking, Stephen & Mlodinow, Leonard. A Briefer History of Time, 2005/2008

Hester, Jeff et al. 21st Century Astronomy, 2002

Hoagland, Richard C. & Bara, Mike. Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA, 2007

Kaku, Michio. Parallel Worlds, 2005/2006

Kaku, Michio. Physics of the Impossible, 2008/2009

Lloyd, Julie. A Concise Guide to Weather, 2007

Met Office. Weather, 2008

Murdin, Paul & Penston, Margaret (eds.) The Canopus Encyclopedia of Astronomy, 2004

Wohlforth, Charles & Hendrix, Amanda R. Beyond Earth: Our Path to a New Home in the Planets, 2016/2017

Woodruff, John (ed.) Philip's Astronomy Dictionary, 1995/2005

Journals & magazines

Fortean Times (issues 387/388/400/401/402), 2019-2021

International UFO Reporter (vol.34, no.2), Mar 2012

MUFON UFO Journal (issues 512/549), Dec 2010/Jan 2014

Open Minds Magazine (issues 4/8), Oct/Nov2010 & Jun/Jul 2011

UFO Matrix (vol.1, issues 1-6; vol.2 issue 1), Undated


BUFORA Conference, 2012

UFO Hunters (The Complete Seasons One & Two), 2010

UFO Hunters (The Complete Season Three), 2011

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